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The Automation Company with a Difference
A Business with a Purpose
The success of Digizyne Systems, since 1991, has been based on a number of factors. We are a stable,
independent company with a strong commitment to customer service.
At Digizyne, we are a hard-working team. We know our products and understand and respect the specialized
requirements of our customers. We maintain an unusually large and diversified inventory. We are enthusiastic
about what we do, glad to answer questions and to help people. We are proud of our accomplishments. Ours is a
forward-looking company - ready to anticipate and serve new needs. We care about our customers and the
success of their work.

About Digizyne

Digizyne Systems was formed in 1991, and was started principally as a R&D company to develop
automation systems for the warehousing and manufacturing industries.
With evolving technology the company’s focus has changed, but the underlying fundamentals have remained the
In order to illustrate our diversity, a short list of projects and developments is given.

Projects include :
• Energy management systems for municipalities and the national Energy Supply Commision (ESCOM)
• Fully automated systems in the warehousing industry
• Automated Storage & Retrieval machines
• Automated forklift control systems
• Automation of Turret trucks and order pickers
• Communication systems / networks (Wired and RF for use on mobile vehicles - eg forklifts, s/r cranes
• Full plant automation
• Automated furnaces
• Refrigeration plants
• Automated boiler systems

Developments include:

• Telemetry systems
• Transponder systems
• Truck controllers
• Sorting systems for the pharmaceutical industry
• Monitors for the neurology industry
• Ultra Violet and Infra Red systems for curing and sterilising in the manufacturing, printing and
• medical industries
• Motion control systems
• AGV systems (Automated Guided Vehicles)
• RF remote disconnect switches
• Prepayment metering
• Automatic test beds to the ISO 9000 specification in the manufacturing industry
• Sootblowing systems / fully automated boiler controllers

With our vast experience in the mining, medical, industrial, materials handling and energy management
fields, and expertise in the electronic field including analogue, digital, RF (Radio Frequency) and PLC
(Programmable Logic Controller) fields, we are able to offer the following services :

• System Design – to take a concept and design a complete, fully functional system including the various
sub systems. ie. All the processes and/or tasks from the beginning to the end of the application.
• Project Design – to take an idea at any stage from concept through to production units
• Electronic and mechanical design – to build customised machines for certain applications.
• PCB design – to design and simulate the circuit, capture the schematic and layout the PCB (Printed
Circuit Board) in either SMD (Surface Mount Devices) or discrete components. Outside manufacturing
services for the manufacture of the PCB’s are utilised, but we control the production of the boards. All
production is manufactured to ISO 9000 standard.
• Project Management – to manage turnkey projects
• Installation and commissioning of systems.

In addition to the above, we support and service all of our projects and developments, as well as other
systems. In order to achieve the above and to avoid unnecessary downtime to any equipment or system, we have
following personnel on 24 hour standby :

• Software
• Electronic, PLC and computer hardware
• Electrical
• Mechanical

We trust this offers some insight to our company and capabilities.

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